Pillow Talk – The Best Jeans for Your Age and Budget


Back in the mid-90s, when the weather got cool enough to break my jeans, my dear friend Ashley had a tried-and-true technique for finding the ultimate comfort and fit. Instructions below (*not patent pending at all*):

  1. Pull-on jeans – do not button or zip
  2. Take a medium sized pillow
  3. Fill the pillow in the front of the jeans
  4. Keep mashing the pillow until you condense it all into the jeans
  5. Try to close/button the jeans regardless of pillow restraints (hint: grab a pair of pliers and be prepared to endure the calluses)
  6. Unzip/unbutton the jeans and remove the pillow
  7. To breathe
  8. Enjoy the perfect fit

Although I maintain this innovative method, I am truly grateful that I no longer need to use it. Despite all its flaws, in 2021 you can find a great pair of jeans without using clips. It’s a real bazaar of jeans! With so many choices to sort through, I’ve picked out the best/suitable brands for your age range and budget. No pillow needed. Now, let’s all take a quick moment and thank the denim gods for this vast selection.

Pillow Talk Copy 1

Paige Hoxton Ankle – Spencer Rivers $219 | Eden straight high waistedMonomin $118

Pillow Talk Copy 2

Agolde-Riley Whip – Jean Therapy $198 | Paige Margot, Rivers Spencer Anklet $189

Pillow Talk Copy 3

Khaite straight jeans – $380 from Weinstein | RE/DONE mid-rise crop – Bare foot $265

Pillow Talk Copy 4

Mother Tripper-Getalongs – Jean Therapy $238 | Mother Superior Jean – LAU $78

Pillow Talk Copy 5

Lafayette 148- Reeve Jean – Ballin $368 | Agolde-Pinch Waist Placebo – Pilot & Powell $178