Priyanka Chopra raids Nick Jonas’ closet for her ‘husband jeans’ and other trends

Trends emerge, fade, and return with a vengeance faster than most people can keep up. But when they do, one thing is certain: everyone has an opinion. Featured in Elite Daily’s Style Series In my humble opinion, we’ll provide you with the details, as well as not-so-humble opinions, of the viral style trends that are lighting up the internet. Below, actress, philanthropist and style icon Priyanka Chopra Jonas shares her take on one of the most controversial pieces of clothing in fashion history: denim jeans.

The glow that radiates from Priyanka Chopra Jonas is almost otherworldly. I would expect nothing less from a former Miss World, but seeing her up close, even on Zoom, is overwhelming. (Honestly, I don’t know how her husband, Nick Jonas, is doing.) The 40-year-old actor and new mom is warm, friendly and outgoing. During our call, she wears a casual collared shirt and a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, or her “GVs”, as she likes to call them. The topic of discussion is denim, specifically jean trends, and Chopra comes alive as she discusses her favorites and least favorite styles.

Sharing her takes on mom, skinny jeans, high waist and low waist, the Quantico star is smart — her style tips are explosive, y’all — and relatable, but most importantly, she’s funny. A throaty laugh erupts from her when she talks about raiding her husband’s closet, and she employs dignified mock austerity when we discuss the serious issue that is the Canadian denim-on-denim tuxedo. (Spoiler alert: she’s a fan.)

For someone who’s walked red carpets in dresses designed by the world’s top fashion houses, including Dior Couture, Roberto Cavalli and Salvatore Ferragamo, Chopra is surprisingly down to earth when it comes to denim. She was pictured dripping in diamonds, but as the face of new Gloria Vanderbilt ‘I Have Needs’ jeans. Fit Them,” she wears jeans under $50. Naturally, she looks stunning in a relaxed fit, but her latest fashion adventure goes beyond Chopra’s looks.

“For a very long time, women have been told to conform to society’s biased versions of their lives, what they wear, what they say, who they are,” she told Elite. Daily. “We are told how to be a better version of a woman at every turn. This campaign takes power back and encourages women to think about themselves. It really resonated with me. In line with a philosophy that puts women first and regain their power, Gloria Vanderbilt jeans are adamantly opposed to pinching, squeezing or restricting.

Gotham for Gloria Vanderbilt jeans

“They fit where you need them to fit, and they stretch. They’re comfortable. I can wear them all day and feel confident,” Chopra says of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. Comfort is important to her these days Yes, she’s a former Miss World and one of the biggest international movie stars to hit the US market after becoming a household name in her native India, but these days, she’s more likely to raid her husband’s closet than devote herself to sewing.

Hang in there in your high waisted skinny jeans because Chopra pulls no punches when it comes to the jeans trends she loves, loves and wants to die for.

mom jeans

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“They’re fun,” Chopra says of the style born in the ’80s and ’90s and made popular again by Gen Z. “I love mom jeans, and I’m not embarrassed to be one.” (Chopra and Jonas had daughter Malti in January.) A close cousin to high-rise jeans, mom jeans aren’t as fitted, falling midway between boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans. In terms of style, Chopra loves “a good mom jeans moment with a little crop top.”

Low waist jeans

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The Y2K denim trend that Gen Z loves and the rest of the world fears isn’t one of Chopra’s favorites. “I hope [low-rise jeans] never come back,” she said. “I don’t have the pelvic bones for that anymore.”

High waist jeans

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Of all the jeans the actor has been spotted wearing while traveling around New York, this style is the one she’s been photographed in the most, and for good reason. High-rise jeans are the antithesis of low-rise jeans and are a Chopra favorite. “At this point in my life, I love them,” she says. “[I’m] a big fan, a big fan.

skinny jeans

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When it comes to temperature, Chopra is coolest towards skinny jeans, but isn’t as cold towards them as she is towards lesser-loved styles. “I’m a pretty big fan. I wore a lot of them for a very long time,” she says of the jeans that have taken up space in everyone’s closet over the years. That said, times are changing for Chopra. “I prefer to be a little more comfortable now,” she says of her lukewarm response to the skinny jeans trend.

Wide jeans

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“I’m a big fan of wide leg jeans,” Chopra says, before explaining exactly how she would style this type of denim for a complete fashion moment. “I like wide jeans with a wedge heel, a very 70s vibe, big sunglasses, [and] Farrah Fawcett’s hair.

boyfriend jeans

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This one is an unequivocal favorite of Chopra, who calls boyfriend jeans “the best.” “I like good boyfriend jeans. I mean, now, I guess, [they’re] my husband’s jeans, but I wear my husband’s clothes all the time,” she said. Naturally, I want to know what cuts she’s been wearing lately that, like her legal last name, are 50% Chopra and 50% Jonas. “Everything,” she replies when I ask what clothes Chopra steals from husband Nick Jonas, with one caveat.

“I just don’t fit in his shoes, otherwise I’d take all his shoes too. He wears drawstrings and sets, and I’ll wear his jackets. I steal his sunglasses,” she admits. I mentally rummage through Chopra’s Instagram, trying to remember the last photo she shared of herself wearing sunglasses when she added, “Sometimes you can’t tell which ones I have. taken. He just has really nice clothes.

Canadian tuxedos

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Chopra’s sense of humor really shines when we come to this admittedly quirky denim trend. Layering a denim top over a denim bottom isn’t for everyone, though it’s a look that Chopra herself has pulled off on occasion. “Look here,” she said. “I’m a fan of the Canadian tuxedo, right there. I love a denim moment. I mean, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore [them] on the red carpet, so here it is.

Regardless of waist height or style trend, Chopra has one totally non-negotiable rule when it comes to wearing denim: “You can style every type of jean in a truly different, which will give you personality and add your personality to it,” she says. “That’s how I think jeans should be styled.” Whether you’re pairing a crop top with mom jeans or a oversized shirt with jeans for your hubby, a personal touch is essential for Chopra.

A healthy portion of your authentic self and a dash of confidence really transform any look, as Chopra herself proves in the latest Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans campaign; she even wears a Canadian tuxedo. You can see the “I Have Needs. Fit Them” section on the Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans website, where you can also use a store locator to find your nearest CV dealer.