Record 260 t-shirts | Man simultaneously carries 260 medium to extra large size t-shirts, Guinness World Record bags

Ted Hastings wearing 260 t-shirts at once. | Photo credit: Twitter

A man named Ted Hastings made the Guinness World Records by putting exactly 260 t-shirts on top of each other, without taking any off.

The incredible feat was achieved in 2019. Guinness World Records posted the video of how it all happened recently on their Instagram page. “Most t-shirts at once. 260 by Ted Hastings,” the caption read.

In the video, Hastings is helped by people around him to wear the t-shirts. The size ranges from medium to 20X, which is perhaps the largest size last worn to achieve the coveted record.

At the end, the people around him are seen counting the number and then handing him the prize framed with the world record.

With his latest t-shirt, Hastings could have reminded anyone of Baymax from the Disney movie “Big Hero 6.”

World records are a way to show off your talent for everyone around the world to witness and applaud. The one from Guinness, in particular, is looking for bizarre but mental blogging activities that may deserve this achievement.

From an egg tower to most ping pong balls in a head of shaving cream, we’ve probably seen it all. The record of t-shirts is quite hilarious but a difficult feat to achieve, especially if they are different sizes.

Hastings was going through the 2019 world records with his children, William and Avery, when his son pushed him to get an official record in something that wasn’t done.

For the father, he wanted it to be a lesson in hard work and commitment. Hence, he took up the challenge to teach his children the mentioned traits which are extremely important in our lives.

The money raised from breaking the record was used by him to help build a new playground.