Rihanna wears a crop top and jeans with A$AP Rocky for 4 AM Stroll

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky enjoyed a little date night, taking a break from parenthood to get some fresh air at 4 a.m. Paparazzi captured the couple walking in New York, Rihanna wearing a light blue crop top with jeans. Rocky also had a fashion moment, pairing a cardigan with a long sleeve top and his own baggy jeans.


Rihanna welcomed the first child of the two, a baby boy, in May. The couple did not reveal their son’s name, exact date of birth, or show photos of him. But Rihanna hinted to ELLE.com in March that she would go to great lengths to protect her privacy when discussing what the Real Housewives mom wanted her to channel.

“Therese [Giudice] of Jersey does not play with his children,” she said. “She will flatten you about these kids. And that resonates a lot with me because I feel like that’s the type of mom I’m going to be. Psycho about it… You talk about my kids, it’s over.

Rihanna and Rocky also weathered the controversy this year. In April, Rocky was abruptly arrested at LAX in connection with a November 2021 shooting, then released on bail. The couple did not release a statement about the incident, but a source said entertainment tonight at the time the arrest blinded Rihanna, who was still pregnant.

“Rihanna has been keen to handle the public side of her pregnancy on her own terms and now suddenly things seem out of her control,” the source said. The singer chose to stay by her boyfriend’s side.