We’ve all seen ourselves or our friends go Hannah Montana crazy when we were in school. What’s easier to guess is that this fascination evolved into a style that made us all want to be Miley Cyrus when we were teenagers. In the following years, glittering clothes, bright colors and curtain fringes were all the rage.

Miley’s style, like her personality, evolved over time to reflect the adventurous image she possessed. He had progressed beyond cowboy boots and was getting hotter by the day. It’s everything you’d expect from a multi-talented celebrity who can do everything from singing to modeling, but how easily does it come to him?

One thing we can all agree on based on her style archives is that the good old color is still iconic and can solve any problem. It should come as no surprise that a black suit always looks great, and you should never give it up. Let’s take a look at the times Miley donned outfits in this color, which made her appear like a rockstar in their own way.

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