Style Hack: 5 Reasons You Need Mom Jeans – Lots of Them! in your wardrobe

Skinny jeans have taken a step back, mom jeans are back in the rotation and have been for a while now.

Here’s why you need to get mom jeans.

  1. They go with all body types

Mom jeans are one size fits all. They look good on everyone!

2. They cover the fupa/belly fat

If you have a big belly, you should consider buying mom jeans. Keep your tummy tucked in and look slim and stylish with mom jeans.

3. They are super comfortable

The whole origin of mom jeans is that moms wear jeans that are loose, free and comfortable. If you like comfort, you need mom jeans.

4. They can go from casual to business

Pair your mom’s jeans with a tube and cami, jacket and heels if you like a more corporate look.

or with a simple top or a crop top, sneakers if you go for the casual look.

5. A super stylish and versatile way to stress

It’s such an easy hack if you’re a busy woman who’s always on the go.

Think of anywhere, airport, church, school, date, picnic? You can wear mom jeans there, they are so versatile and easy to style.