Summer merch has arrived: muscular scissor tank tops, Tomboy Femme crop tops and lots of enamel pins!

Hello new friends! It’s Sarah, and I’m here to bring you the latest on all the spectacular new products in our store!

IT’S OFFICIALLY SUMMER – and it’s haw the low. So we bring you some shiny new shirts to put on your body to stay cool, fresh and HIP during this sultry season.

Check out this brilliant and fantastic number – our TOMBOY FEMME CROP TOP. This shirt is made by lovely Bella + Canvas and is “super soft and flowy” with a “cropped, boxy silhouette” so it’s super flattering and airy. Put it on and run wild in the sun. Be sure to tag #tomboyfemmeshirt when you do, because we want to see your beautiful faces!

Sarah in this muscle turquoise scissor tank
Introducing the latest in a long line of great scissor products – the Scissoring Muscle Tank, now in turquoise! This color is everything, especially on Gabby Dunn.

This muscle tank from Bella + Canvas is comfortable and super flattering because it has a blend of fabrics that “softly hugs the curves”.

"You know the ones where they cling to you in some places and fall off in others."

Yes Cats Pin, Scissor Pin, Lazy Femme Pin, Mis Pin, Butch, Please Pin, Gal Pal Pin, Read a Fucking Book Pin, Tomboy Femme Pin

It’s safe to say that sometimes the fabrics of our lives feel, well, bare. It’s good guys. These cute little enamel pins are here to help you declaratively decorate your wares – your bags, lapels, cuffs, your harness… anything you want to add a little flair!

  1. Yes Pin Cats
  2. scissor pin
  3. Lazy Woman Pin
  4. my brooch
  5. Butch please Pin
  6. Pin Gal Pal
  7. Tomboy Woman Pin
  8. Read a fucking book Pin

2016 A-Camp Swag

If you missed A-Camp or are missing A-Camp, here are two ways to let the world and your body know.

Heather Hogan and Sarah Nolte at A-Camp 2016

Heather Hogan & Sarah Nolte on a mountain.

Our official A-Camp 2016 hoodie has a fleece lined hood, is super comfy and will provide all the warm fluff you need on those nights around a weird summer bonfire. SO when a cute person asks you “What is A-Camp?” you can say “New lover, let me tell you about all the feelings” and the rest is history. It’s a known fact that Heather Hogan wore an A-Camp hoodie when she met her partner, Stacy.*

* I have not verified this claim, but I dreamed of it once.

Alaina drinking from her A-Camp water bottle with her cat Alexei.

This moment with Alaina and Alexei is brought to you by hydration.

Don’t forget to hydrate yourself in the mountains! This A-Camp water bottle can be filled with 22 ounces of vodka or water, and it has a flip-up spout, which can help you when you’re in the middle of a workout or a str8 chillin. FLIP, SIP and feel the hydration!

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