The 10 Best Jeans for Petite Waists and Large Thighs

Purchases of pants can be a frustrating experience; sizes differ between brands, and when you can’t try them on, it’s hard to find the right size for your body. Fortunately, past buyers sensed your pain and stepped in to minimize it. The best jeans for small waists and big thighs usually have a few key features, but buyer feedback is what really highlights the winners.

Jeans come in all styles and there is no “right” fit for every body type. Instead, it’s the specific features and materials that dictate the best fit – and whatever style makes you feel good. Those with curvier shapes may want to opt for stretch denim, especially when skinny jeans are your go-to style. Other styles (like boyfriend or straight leg) naturally have a bit more room at the thighs. Finally, highly elastic or drawstring waists allow for a custom fit that can be very comfortable.

When in doubt, however, the reviews section is your best friend, and Amazon has the most comprehensive reviews section of any online retailer. Shoppers are quick to note which jeans are ideal for large thighs and hips, but still fit small waists. According to real reviewers, these are 10 of the best fitting pairs of jeans.

1. Best cropped ankle jeans

Flared ankle jeans are back, and according to many shoppers, Levi’s Ribcage jeans are a great choice for this body type. The ultra-high rise is “tapered” and “smaller”, according to reviewers. Thighs and hips, on the other hand, have more than enough room thanks to the straight silhouette. This pair is available in seven colors.

  • Available sizes: 24 — 44

A reviewer wrote: “I have a small waist with a bigger butt and bigger thighs, and the ribcage jeans have been the absolute best fit so far. These are no exception – buy them!

2. A popular high-waisted skinny pair in distressed finishes

If you’re looking for high waisted skinny jeans with a smaller waist, these Annystore jeans are slim fitting and super stretchy. The pairs have over 5,000 reviews, and past buyers report that they are the “best jeans on the market” for “thick thighs” and a “small waist”. They also come in dozens of different washes, most ripped, but you can find a few with minimal distress if you prefer.

  • Sizes available: Small — XX-Large

A reviewer wrote: “I have a smaller waist and larger hips, thighs, butt and legs and they stretch enough to fit snugly with no gaps at the waist.”

3. Best Curvy Bootcut Jeans

These bootcut jeans from WallFlower flare out at the knee for a retro look that works with just about any type of shoe. Still, these stretch more than most, have a curvy silhouette, and sit at hip bone level, so they’re a favorite with those who describe themselves as thicker thighs and smaller waists. They also come in tons of colors and sizes (including short and long inseams), and they have an overall rating of 4.5 stars after more than 16,000 reviews.

  • Available sizes: 0 — 24

A reviewer wrote“Finding jeans that fit my wide thighs but don’t splay out at the waist is a real gem. Finding them at a good price is such a bonus. These jeans are a great find and I plan to buy more.

4. The best boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are usually loose through the thighs (in fact, they’re quite loose all over), so they’re a great choice for those with wider legs. These boyfriend jeans from SweatyRocks, however, have “a fairly small waist” and are “very loose in the legs”, according to reviewers – so even though they don’t stretch, they still fit well. They also come in around 40 different colors and distressed patterns, and you can easily cuff them depending on your size.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large

A reviewer wrote“I absolutely LOVE these jeans. They are the perfect amount of loose without losing my shape. I have a small waist and bigger hips/thighs and they don’t look out of proportion when I wear them.

5. Tapered jeans in 3 crotch and dozens of colors

Because they’re also available with short and long inseams, these tapered Gloria Vanderbilt jeans are a fan favorite for reviewers of all sizes. They also sit at hip level and have wider legs. This pair is a bestseller with over 37,000 reviews, and it’s available in just about every color you could want — not just blue — including red, turquoise, and sage.

  • Available sizes: 4 — 24

A reviewer wrote“These are the only jeans I buy now. Just stretchy enough to be a graceful, modest tailored fit. […] My waist is small, compared to hip size, and these fit well in the waist – no gap in the back.

6. A high-waisted skinny pair with 3 buttons

For smaller sizes, additional buttons can add a bit more structure. These Wax jeans come in juniors’ sizing, but shoppers with bigger butts or thicker thighs appreciate the smaller top and looser stretch. They also love the chunky waistband and the three buttons, and they report that the pair washes well and holds its shape long term. Get it in four colors.

  • Sizes available: 0 — 13 (junior sizes)

A reviewer wrote: “I love them because they are very comfortable and they fit very well. I have bigger thighs, so it can be difficult to find pants that fit both the leg and the waist. size. These do that.

7. These straight leg jeans in 5 colors

Lee’s Monroe jeans have a classic, relaxed fit with a straight leg that fits wider thighs. Although reviewers report that the waistband is quite snug, it still sits on the hip and has a slight stretch, so it fits different sizes. With no holes or distress, it’s one of the higher pair – especially the black one, which is sleek enough to double as work pants. (This pair is also available with long and small inseams.)

  • Available sizes: 16 — 30

A reviewer wrote: “These jeans fit me well, without any weird gap at the back of the waist.”

8. The best pull-on jeans

Pull-on jeans (also called jeggings) are a comfortable option for just about any Type of body; Since they’re made from soft denim and have a lot more stretch than the average pair, they fit your curves like leggings, while still looking like jeans. These No Nonsense jeggings have a chunky no-zip band that pulls over the hips and hugs the waist. They also have a fake fly, fake front pockets and functional back pockets, all of which mimic real jeans. Additionally, they are available in seven color options.

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X

A reviewer wrote: “These are going very well [on my hourglass shape]! I have a small waist and wider thighs and they fit perfectly! I usually feel tight in the leg if I want the size to fit, but not in these.

9. Best Drawstring Jeans

When in doubt, go for something adjustable. Additionally, joggers are very hot right now – these jogging-style jeans just might become the most stylish item in your wardrobe. (Their adjustable drawstring waist and loose thighs also make them super comfy.) While they look like denim and have functional pockets, they also have plenty of stretchy spandex in the fabric.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

A reviewer wrote“After trying them on, I bought another pair. […] They are loose all the way through the legs and fit my height perfectly.

10. Best designer jeans

Although they aren’t cheap, Good American is widely considered one of the best brands for bigger thighs and buttocks. (After all, the brand’s slogan is “your curves are our cause.”) These Good Waist cropped jeans are designed with a high-stretch fabric with 7.1% elastane that conforms to your body, but doesn’t shed. not its shape. Choose from six styles, including a classic dark wash and an on-trend snake print.

  • Available sizes: 00 — 24

One reviewer wrote, “Loved everything about these jeans. Perfectly adapts to every curve.