The 17 Best Wide Leg Jeans to Wear in 2022

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  • The wide leg jeans trend repeats itself every decade and is coming back as a staple in 2022.
  • Looser fits look more fitted than sweatpants, but offer more comfort than skinny jeans.
  • Below, find 17 of the best wide-leg jeans for every style and budget.

After two full years of sweatpants and leggings, it’s no wonder we’re ready to ditch skinny jeans in favor of looser, more relaxed wide-leg options as we make a cautious transition to denim.

According to Ashley Petrie, Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Fred Segal, we are entering a new style era, post-pandemic, where we no longer wish to be constrained by what we wear and instead opt for clothes that are both comfortable and functional. . “We saw [wide-leg jeans] all over the runways at Fashion Week 2020, then really started seeing this [trend] translate to 2021 as we reentered society and felt like getting dressed again,” she told Insider. “We ditched sweatpants and leggings for something slightly more structured and tailored, while maintaining a level of comfort to which we have become accustomed. “

Petrie says we have mom jeans to thank for this style evolution, with modern silhouettes derived from classic ’90s styling that offered a higher waistline and more leg room. “There are a number of cut variations that fit into this trend, including loose fits, high-waisted wide legs, flared wide legs, cropped lengths, and loose, straight silhouettes,” he explains. -she.

We’ve put together a solid list of all the best wide leg jeans on the market right now, at varying price points, with a variety of silhouettes and styles so you can hop on this trend in a way that will make you feel the best. you better.

The 17 best wide jeans to try in 2022: