The 6 Best Plus-Size Boyfriend Jeans, According to a Curvy Shopper

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Now that summer is coming to an end, jeans are about to make a comeback, especially boyfriend jeans. Ever since TikTok said skinny jeans are #out, looser style denim is about to take center stage. However, if you are larger than a size 18, it may be more difficult to follow the trend than for straight sizes. Luckily, we’re here to help.

We know that not all plus size boyfriend jeans are built equally, and neither are the bodies that fit in them. As a curvy woman with thick thighs, I understand the difficulty of finding a loose, relaxed fit. Alexandra Waldman, co-founder and COO of Universal Standard, explains that boyfriend jeans are usually oversized and comfortable, but some companies claim their plus-size boyfriend jeans are oversized when in fact, they’re oversized skinny jeans that were not. t designed for tall bodies.

“The key to a boyfriend fit for a plus-size body is how easily the jeans pull on,” says Waldman. She says to look for a comfortable waistband, a simple straight leg, and stretchy fabric. When you have stretch in your denim, you can slide your legs and thighs much easier. Plus, if you have a big ass like mine, it’s really handy. “Putting on a pair should be comfortable and unrestricted,” she says.

1. The best plus size cropped boyfriend jeans:

It’s no secret that Universal Standard offers some of the most inclusive sizing deals on the market when it comes to everyday fashion. As a personal owner of these Bae Boyfriend cropped jeans, I know firsthand that these are one of the best plus size boyfriend jeans on the market. I don’t feel constricted – they literally slide off my body when I pull them up my butt. Buy them in light blue (pictured here), true blue or dark indigo.

2. The Best Distressed Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans:

Regular Fit Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

I’ll be the first to say that I love a good distressed jean, but some of the plus size boyfriend jeans in this style go a little overboard with rips and don’t provide the necessary stretch. Luckily, this pair of classic-fit mid-rise boyfriend jeans come with the stretch you need thanks to the brand’s stretchy salvage denim. Cut at the ankle, it will fit perfectly into your wardrobe.

3. Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans for Tummy Control:

INC International Concepts Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans with Tummy Control

4. Best Stretchy Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans:

Liverpool Peyton Slim Boyfriend Jeans

These Liverpool Peyton Slim Boyfriend Jeans are simple and classic. Reviewers say that even though the jeans are stretchy, they don’t lose their shape over time. Remember that you may need to size down. As one review notes, they “purchased a 14W size vs. 16W and they fit perfectly.”

5. Best Mid-Rise Plus-Size Boyfriend Jeans:

Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara Plus Size Mid Rise Bagi Jeans

ICYMI, Sophia Vergara has a denim line at Walmart, so you can easily save a few bucks on your wardrobe overhaul. While the whole range is great, it’s these mid-rise Bagi Boyfriend jeans that really do it for the plus-size villains. These jeans let your thighs and legs breathe while adapting to your figure. Plus, they have hundreds of reviews with positive remarks with people saying they’re a perfect match.

6. Best Oversized Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans:

As Walden said, oversized jeans can make or break style. These Ellos skinny boyfriend jeans are neither too big nor too small and fit perfectly. For those with a big belly, this pair of jeans feature an extra-wide waistband, and reviewers say they’re “definitely made for a full figure.” It’s a match made in denim heaven.