The Argent x Agolde jeans are the best work pants I’ve tried

Let’s go back to November 2019. It was the first time I started a real office job in New York. Before that, I was freelancing at my mom’s house in Minneapolis, with the end goal always being, well, to move The Big Apple. Sure, it was an adjustment – ​​like the commute to work and getting dressed in “office attire,” but I was living my dream. Fast forward to today, and the office life I was introduced to in 2019 isn’t the same one I was reintroduced to post-pandemic. And honestly, I’m okay with that.

Given that I work in fashion, it should come as no surprise that I’ve been particularly intrigued by how the concept of workwear has evolved in 2022. We – or at least I’ve been living in leggings for essentially two years, so the thought of putting on the usual “work” clothes was definitely something that took time to relearn. But even now, that idea of ​​office attire is evolving, and a new collaboration between Argent and Agolde proves it to a T.

Buy now: $248;


Buy now: $248;

The Argent x Agolde capsule collection is made up of office-ready hero pieces that combine comfort and style – but the most shocking thing about it? There are no pants in the collection. Instead, the collaboration features two styles of jeans, including Agolde’s iconic ’90s straight leg that models adore (available in a light and dark wash) and a simple high-waisted fit, which are a little higher than your traditional jeans (AKA , that’s why they’re perfect for office wear, and why I wear mine all the time.)

I tried the 90s straight leg, and the minute I put them on I knew these would be my go-to jeans – a term I use for denim I can wear to the office, to dinner with friends, after work events, and even when I’m running errands. TL; DR? They’re so versatile and comfortable enough that I don’t want to rip them off the second I get home. Jeans can easily be dressed up or down (another facet that makes them ideal pants everywhere); I wear a blazer, like this one from the Argent x Agolde collection, when I go to the office, and when I’m feeling more relaxed, I wear the bottom with a white t-shirt and sneakers.

The brand really puts it best: “AGOLDE for Argent is a one-of-a-kind capsule collection for those in the office, on the go, and confidently redefining the dress code for action.” Shop more from the limited edition range below.

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