The best jeans to wear for fall and how to style them

Now that it’s October, fall is in full swing. With this, wardrobes usually change or need spicing up. Here’s a foolproof guide to jeans washes, styles, and how to wear them:

skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are a staple for many. If you couldn’t tell by the name, they are form-fitting and don’t have a flare in the legs. They come in light and dark washes and fit perfectly into boots due to their thin bottom. It’s also not uncommon to see skinny jeans that are high waisted (meaning they sit at the navel rather than the waist). These can be paired perfectly with a chunky cropped sweater and, of course, your favorite pair of ankle boots. Old Navy has a really strong crop of skinny jeans and would be a great place to look.

mom jeans

Mom jeans are slightly looser than skinny jeans, high waisted and usually lightly faded. These jeans give off major 80s vibes because that’s when they first became popular. Mom jeans are best paired with your favorite pair of high-top Converse and a more form-fitting top, since wearing a baggy shirt with baggy pants can feel less put together.

boyfriend jeans

Although some may argue that boyfriend jeans are no different than mom jeans, there is a slight difference. Boyfriend jeans have a straight fit, while mom jeans are slightly tapered at the ankles. Boyfriend jeans are also a little lower than the navel. As with mom jeans, a tighter, more fitted shirt would be more flattering due to the looser fit of the jeans. A more delicate and feminine shirt could also not hurt because of the somewhat “boyish” cut of the jeans.

jeans girlfriend

Girlfriend jeans are the most feminine version of boyfriend jeans. Girlfriend jeans are higher on the hips (unlike Boyfriend jeans) and have a slimmer straight fit (unlike Mom jeans). Macy’s would be a good place to start. Girlfriend jeans are an “in-between” type of jeans (not too loose but not too tight); your top can match this energy. Either a tight or looser top would work well for wearing girlfriend jeans. As far as shoes go, a low-top trainer would work well and complement the cuffed jeans perfectly.

Flared jeans

As the name suggests, these jeans flare out at the bottom and are literally the opposite of skinny jeans. This type of jeans is also known as “bell”. Flared jeans come in different washes, although it’s slightly more common to see them in a dark wash. Boots, unfortunately, wouldn’t be the best kick to rock with Bell-bottoms. Either a high or low top sneaker would work just fine. When it comes to what to wear over it, you can never go wrong with a simple t-shirt. If you want to spice it up a bit more, a chunky cable knit cardigan would totally sell the “bohemian” vibe. Free People has a great selection to get you started.

dad jeans

Mom’s jeans, girlfriend’s jeans, boyfriend’s jeans and now dad’s jeans? Yeah, they exist. Mom jeans accentuate curves more, while dad jeans are loose on the legs and give you little to no shape. They are, as their name suggests, the type of jeans dads wear. Pacsun has quite the display. Although the fashion police suggest against pairing a baggy top with baggy jeans, it’s actually a little more common to pair dad jeans with a looser, baggier top. If you pair these two items with your favorite pair of sneakers, you’ll be set!

These are only suggestions. Don’t let them stop you from wearing your favorite mom jeans with the biggest t-shirt you can find or skinny jeans with a tight, tight top. Happy fall and happy jeans shopping!


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