The Post Office Sells Crop Tops – Yes We Are Serious

Everyone has merchandise these days, from your favorite coffee shop to your favorite YouTuber. Gone are the days of just representing your favorite sports team or university. Now you can advertise your personal tastes, favorite brands and hotspots.

But did you know that the merchandising trend is so mainstream that Swiss Post got in on the action? Yes, it’s true. From blankets to beach towels to apparel, the Postal Service merchandise line has it all. They even have crop tops.

Post office clothes

Do you like written correspondence sent by post? If so, you can shout your love for the United States Postal Service from the rooftops with novelty apparel and merchandise from the Postal’s product line.

(United States Postal Service)

For the person in your life who loves express and priority mail, there are long-sleeved and short-sleeved t-shirts that feature those blue and red eagle logos. There’s even a limited-edition Fred Segal Priority long-sleeve t-shirt that celebrates the Post Office’s rich history with vintage logos and stamp artwork.

Are you looking for a good Halloween costume for your children? You’re in luck, because there are postman costumes for boys and girls. They include a shirt with the logo of the post office, pants, a hat and a mail bag. There’s even a dog costume that’s too cute for words. It features a cap with the post office logo, a shirt with attached arms, and a small box marked priority mail.

post office white crop top merch shirt on white background
(United States Postal Service)

Overall, the Post Office merchandise line includes 27 different clothing items. The piece de resistance being the Envelope Crop Top Long Sleeve Shirt. Available in sizes small to extra large, you can add this “trendy” piece to your wardrobe for just $19.95.

Why does the post office sell goods?

According to New York Times, the Post Office’s merchandise line was released in 2020 to help solve the agency’s financial problems. Buying a shirt, tote bag, or stamp directory from the Special Line helps sustain the USPS since Congress has essentially crippled them financially due to rules and regulations.

Selling crop tops and other fun items is how the post office raises extra money so they can keep going. And after browsing through their product line. I have to say I’m in. I can’t wait for my vintage Mr. Zip charcoal gray t-shirt to arrive at my front door. Which is now expected to arrive next Tuesday via the US Postal Service.

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