The resurgence of ’00s thong cutout jeans and how you can style them

Every fashion season witnesses a past trend that invades the hearts and minds of fashionistas, and fashionistas try to put their own spin on it, be it models, actors, influencers or even ordinary people like us. One such trend we’re seeing right now is the return of “thong-like” cut-out jeans, which is the understated cousin of the “visible thong” trend, which was a huge style phenomenon in the 2000s.

While people wore real flip flops under a pair of low rise jeans during the 2000s, today’s trend has gone a bit modern and practical by incorporating waist cutouts at the waistband of the jeans, thus giving a visible thong look. , but not in reality.

From Kendall Jenner to Bella Hadid, fashionable “IT” girls have already given the trend a nod by getting spotted in thong cutout jeans, which has us excited for its resurgence.

The trend had started popping up in fashion circles when luxury brand Versace paraded model Bella Hadid for its Spring 2020 menswear show in 2019. Hadid wore sparkly pants, which also featured matching black flip flops. The thong also featured Versace’s “La Medusa” gold hardware.

Bella Hadid in Versace

In 2020, Hadid’s best friend, model Kendall Jenner, was spotted wearing a head-to-toe pink IMGIA outfit, designed as if the pants showed a visible thong. Jenner’s outfit was filled with details, like the plunging neckline of the top and the strappy wrap were designed to match the thong-like waist straps on the skinny pants.

Kendall Jenner in IMGIA

How can you style it?

Keep it basic: Since these pants themselves are quite a statement, keep the rest of your outfit simple, sticking to simple tops.


2. Pair with a structured top: While cropped tops can be a casual option, you can also choose to wear button-up shirts or a matching matching top set, which will give the pants a very lifted look.


Avoid wearing belts with such pants, so that the look of the pants remains intact.

4. Add a splash of color: If the color of your pants is neutral, for example black or classic dark blue, go for a pop of color on top, pairing the pants with a bright color (we recommend this season’s hottest color – the hot pink) .