This high school student used crop tops to spark an important discussion about school dress codes

School dress codes, once accepted – albeit quite silly – in educational life, are now being challenged in a variety of impressive ways. It’s clear that fostering a comfortable learning environment is important, but the problem with dress codes is that they usually only target female students; from spaghetti straps to crop tops to white t-shirts, girls are encouraged to cover up while their male peers are free to dress as they please.

In addition to math, science, etc., girls in school – not so much their male counterparts – are taught that their bodies are something they’re ashamed of, and that’s really not cool.

Today (May 26), a student at Etobicoke School of the Arts in Toronto took a giant step to change that. When 18-year-old Alexi Halket was sent to the principal’s office on Monday May 25 for carrying her belly, she organized an event for the next day – her birthday – which brought the female student body together in a big show of solidarity.

“Wear a crop top, sports bra, crop top or headband to show solidarity against people (especially females) covering their bodies because it’s ‘offensive’ and ‘inappropriate’ “,” Halket wrote on the event’s Facebook page. for “Crop Tops Day”.

Here are some examples of students and supporters (including boys!) who answered Halket’s call.

As well as sparking a dialogue in his own school – Etobicoke principal Rob MacKinnon held a discussion with 200 pupils in the school library today – Halket has also found widespread support on the social networks.

At first glance, Crop Top Day could spark a real revolution. As Halket wrote, “The problem isn’t what we wear and how we express ourselves, it’s how society deems our body offensive.”