Vaani Kapoor can give even cropped tops a business chic look with pinstripe pants

Vaani Kapoor has this incredible skill of getting everything ready for a summer day in his daringly chic way. This time around, it’s pinstripe pants to which she gives her own Vaani touch. We agree pinstripes can be boring and so monotonous, but when Vaani Kapoor performs, dress to pair it with a black cutout bikini top. Vaani Kapoor can be trusted to set new chic goals in everything she does, so what are pants after all? Her dark gray pinstripe pants paired with a black off-the-shoulder, halter-neck bikini top as a crop top are on-trend in the boardroom in person, but when you’re mentally at the beach. Her makeup plays the perfect accomplice to her outfit in its subtle way but then again, with such a shiny outfit, who needs anything else?

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In case you were wondering, Vaani Kapoor doesn’t need a pool to rock a fabulous bikini or swimsuit. Forget beaches and tropical islands, just give Vaani a skirt to throw on and summer would come knocking at our door even without the holidays.

Pairing a swimsuit with a skirt or pants is an art no one else has mastered like Vaani Kapoor. A dazzling bikini set worn over white pants is a winning summer look for days (or even years).

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But somehow yellow bathing suits with casual bottoms seem to be her absolute favorite and style. Guess when she starts wearing her own ray of sunshine everywhere she goes, she does it in her own fabulous way.

Vaani Kapoor is always ready for summer in a bikini top and anything else in her closet.

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