Wear it here, wear it there, wear your crop tops everywhere

It’s spring! I’m already getting used to seeing the sun when I open my eyes in the morning and have almost forgotten what the depths of Seasonal Affective Disorder feel like, so I’d say it’s going well. Also, it’s the start of my favorite season: #CropTopSeason.

If you need me by late fall, you can find me by the pool, by the side of the road, on the subway, at work, lying on the bench by my bay window and coming home drunk. happy hour in the same silhouette: a cropped top and high-waisted bottoms. (It could be sweatpants, denim shorts, or white cotton bloomers with embroidered daisies on them, just FYI.) It’s a good life, y’all, and I hope you get on the belly train with me sooner rather than later for the sake of all of our Instagram accounts.

Get inspired by one of the beauties here for how to wear your crop top anytime, anywhere. As a bonus, I went and found you a bunch of crop tops that would work with these looks, and when you buy them, Autostraddle gets a bounce. Everyone wins! And no one wears a full length shirt! Everything is about to be just with the world.

Visiting museums

Whether you’re heading to a chic art museum or strolling through the local gallery, you can’t go wrong with baggy linen pants and a sleek crop top. Plus, I wear outfits like this to work pretty much all the time because that’s how power bitches roll.


Black Lace Crop Top | Bella Red Lace Cropped Top | White Floral Lace Crop Top | Off Shoulder Crop Top

Music festivals and other outdoor sports


It’s an outfit that deserves its moment in the sun, you know? Next time you step outside, throw on a crop top with cutouts and a classic pair of sunglasses and pretend you’re Lydia for a second. Go ahead. We all do this. Law?


Southwest Print Crop Top | Rib Knit Cropped Top | White Crop Top Tank Top

Brunch / Lunch / Cocktail Hour


Wearing just a dress or a skirt and top combination for brunch is so last summer. This time, head to the bar terrace in a fitted crop top and pencil skirt to prove you’re as sassy as you are sassy. Oh, and also because you’ll look crazy.


Lace Sleeve Crop Top | Cropped top with adjustable spaghetti straps | Short Sleeve Striped Crop Top

Fashion shopping


Casually donning a crop top communicates a sense of effortless, no-fuck chic that everyone in the grocery store is going to totally hate you for, in a good way. People will be everything, do you think you are like a role model or something? And you will be everything shut the fuck up before i embarrass you.


Embroidered Print Flare Top | Lace tie-front crop top | Cropped Chiffon Camisole | Square Crop Top

Clean the house


Um, okay, that’s me, totally drunk, literally cleaning my house in preparation for a party. I wore a baggy crop top with leggings to brunch because leggings are pants and I opted for a sports bra that day so that when said baggy crop top inevitably fell off my shoulder things wouldn’t be outrageous. I put on this big blue ring because I like to pretend I never left LA after I bought it. The best part about this outfit, by far, is that it took me from Presentable to Passed The Fuck Out without ever losing its edge.

cleaning house

Heather boxy crop top | Striped Crop Top | Ribbed Crop Top

garden party


Floral crop tops were made for afternoons in the garden potentially sipping tea next to a babbling stream. Plus, they’re the best.


Square Tropical Crop Top | Fitted Stretch Floral Crop Top | Island Configuration Top | Tropical Print Crop Top

up all night


If there ever was an appropriate time to wear fewer clothes, it’s when you walk into a bar so hot with human body heat that the humidity is about to knock you out. Crop tops generally transition well from day to night, especially if you change them up by adding or removing layers or changing your bottoms. But for the most danceable, boozy, Ke$ha-inspired parties, you’ll want something super special, like maybe a cropped top made entirely of fabric criss-cross straps, or one that shimmers a little too much to ever see the sun, or, you know, the one that shows more skin than it covers on average.


Sexy Pink Spaghetti Strap Crop Top | Shiny Crisscross Bandage Crop Top | Gold Bling Bling Cropped Top | Open back cropped top

Every time you would normally wear a screen printed t-shirt


Hey, it’s your life. I’m not here to tell you that you should wear screen-printed crop tops when playing video games, going to the movies, partying in your childhood hometown, or dancing in the dark. But I’m certainly not telling you not to.

Print Screen

Adventures of Alice Crop Top | Thank You Crop Top | Catnip crop top | Stay Cute Crop Top | Pineapple print crop top

Alright, now it’s up to you to show me how you wear your crop tops and also which ones you’re drooling over right now in the comments!

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