Woman Who Would Never Wear Crop Tops Now Embraces Her ‘Beautiful Belly’

A woman who ‘never felt confident enough’ to wear a crop top showed off her curvaceous body as she modeled her ‘beautiful belly’ in an inspirational post.

Ariella Nyssa shared photos of herself on social media that showed her modeling a strapless green two-piece for White Fox Boutique.

The body-positive influencer, from Sydney, who reaches 750,000 likes on Instagram, said there was a time in her life when she would never wear a crop top, but now it’s one of her fashion staples. fashion.

Ariella said she’s learned to embrace her body and love her curves, so she’s no longer conscious of showing her wobbly parts.

She donned a summery green top and skirt combo as she posed for the snaps which showed off her voluptuous figure.

Writing on Instagram, she said: “Even a year ago I would never have felt confident enough to wear a low rise outfit.

“And now it’s my favorite thing to wear.

“I love showing off my beautiful belly, my hips and my curves.

“It’s crazy that something I tried to hide once, I now consider it one of the most beautiful things about me.

“Your belly is BOOOOTIFUL.”

Ariella models a green two-piece set

The post garnered more than 8,000 likes, and dozens of people commented to tell Ariella she looks “stunning,” and praised her for promoting a realistic image of the modern female body.

One person said: “I’ve been called the ‘F’ word a few times today so seeing that makes me feel better.

“I would like to stop getting upset over hurtful comments and start being more confident like you.”

Another added: “I was trying on some bikinis yesterday which fit me last summer but are a bit too small now.

“Thanks to you, all I thought was, ‘I still look good – I just need new bikinis.’ Thank you Ariel.”

A third also said: “Gorgeous. I’m so proud of you for shining your light on everything that makes us women feel insecure.”